Zongzi - Sticky Rice Dumplings

Zongzi - Sticky Rice Dumplings


4 pcs/pack

A traditional Chinese food for Dragon Boat Festival. They are sticky rice dumplings with your choice of filling inside. The inedible bamboo leaves will keep Zongzi fresh when tightly wrapped, and infuse a pleasant natural scent while the ingredients are being cooked.

Pork Belly Egg Yolk: Marinated pork belly with salted duck egg yolk.

Pork Belly Assorted Seafood: Marinated pork belly with dried scallops, dried shrimps, peanuts, chestnuts, and shiitake mushrooms.

Red Bean Honey Dates: Red bean paste and seedless honey dates.

*Contains eggs, wheat, seafoods, peanuts, chestnuts, soy.

Please reheat ZongZi for 10-15 mins in boiling water, 30 mins in a steamer, or 4-5 mins in a microwave.



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